Sunday, July 6, 2008

Putrification of the American Spirit

Jimmy Carter called is a national "malaise" in the 1970's and has been ridiculed about it ever since, but I think we are again in such a rut at the dawn of the new century. I think any number of factors have contributed to this paucity of spirit - including but not limited to a three decade long assault by the joint Reich-wing and Rethugli-goon forces of bigotry, hatred of diversity and a proud and willful anti-intellectualism on anything soft, pretty or vaguely feminine, which has in turn reinforced a steeply pro-corporate (read "private") so-called public policy that has demanded an ever-expanding private realm at the expense of the public which invariably leaves many if not most people behind and those who aren't nevertheless distrustful, jealous and viciously protective of their ever-jeopardized status which in turn erodes the spirit of community and civic commitment that once bound people together, a crack into which corporate America can in turn pour it's cheap electronics, junk-food, crappy TV and environmentally corrosive products as a substitute for real connection, which weakens the mind and turns people into Rethugli-bots which renews and reinforces the downward spiral and so on. It's the end of America, really. And my Bill of Indictment on this putrification of the American Spirit has included:

  1. The gaping hole at the south end of Manhattan Island which still has not been filled. The Empire State Building was erected in less time.
  2. The always troubled but still vital American city that was washed away and is now being replaced by a Disney-esque - and very white - amusement park version of the dark and funky original.
  3. The eroding national infrastructure that has already begun outstrip our ability to replace and repair it's deteriorating components - as symbolized by a collapsed bridge in the same town the Rethugligoons will hold their Nuremberg Rally. And all without a hint of irony.
  4. The downward spiral of personal health of the average citizen, without hope of aid from a bloated, inefficient and imploding national health "care" system.
  5. The collapsing dollar.
I can add the following item. The CDC doesn't have enough money to properly build containment doors for the horrifying diseases it is supposed to contain and control. They have to use duct tape. And it leaks.

As hilzoy sez about this issue: This is no way to run a country.


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