Monday, October 20, 2008

I did it (and you can, too!)

One day following a storm, a man was walking along a beach. The beach was scattered with clams – all victims of the storm. There must have been thousands, if not tens of thousands of clams just on this stretch of beach. The man felt bad – but what could he do?

Farther down the beach, the man saw a young boy – running, bending, and throwing. As the man got closer, he saw that the boy was picking up one clam at a time and throwing it back into the ocean.

As the man got close to the boy, he stopped him and asked -

“What are you doing?”

“I'm saving them” - the boy responded.

“There's far too many to make a difference”

The boy reached down and picked up another clam, hurling it as far out into the water as his young arm could throw. He smiled, looked back at the man and said:

I just made a difference to that one
I volunteered for the Obama campaign yesterday. I went to their offices in lower Manhattan and made phonecalls to the good people of Pittsburgh. Cold-calling people who might yell at me or call me an ugly name was WA-A-A-A-A-A-AY out of my comfort zone, but I did it because it needed doing.

Please consider doing the same.

If you live in a state that is fully "in the bag" for one or the other, then spend some time calling another state that may be at a tipping point. What possible difference could that make? Well, because I called yesterday, an 83-year old woman named Frances who just had surgery and "don't get around so good anymore" but really wants to vote for that guy named Obama is going to get a ride to the polls on election day.

How 'bout that?


We can't let the thieves, thugs and sociopaths who've been running this country for the last eight years have four more to finish stripping the place bare.


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Broadway Carl said...

Dude! That's awesome. Thanks for brightening my day with your story. I've had a bad day so far and giving it perpsective made me feel better. My "problems" are miniscule.