Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That One, part 2

John Sidney McCain is a racist. He is a rich, white, entitled, contemptuous racist who can't believe that he has to go through the motions of acting like Barack Obama is somehow his equal as a candidate, much less sharing a stage with a black man who is actually beating him in the polls.

As the Pig With Lipstick might put it: "Gollygeewillakers, what has the world come to?"

First, McSnarl said this last night at the debate:

Which gave us this less than 24 hours after he'd said it (goddamn I love me some inter-webs):

Which I think is awesome for incorporating in a mocking & humorous way the Freudian racist gaffe of a stupid, bumbling, short-tempered, muddle-headed old man who doesn't know or understand how the world around him has passed him by, only dimly comprehending (as a barnyard animal dimly comprehends a change in the weather) that for some reason the world is refusing to conform to his will and that as a result he isn't getting what he wants RIGHT NOW and GODDAMMIT HE WAS A P.O.W. (haven't you heard?) and that uppity n*gger is not showing proper respect for the white man!

Or, as the Rude Pundit put it after Grandpa McSimpson refused to make eye-contact with Obama during the last debate:
John McCain looked like nothing so much as a plantation owner just after the end of the Civil War forced to have a conversation with one of his freed slaves. There's no way he was gonna look that nigger in the eye and allow him to think they're equals. Used to be you could lynch a darkie for addressing a white man by his first name. Now, they think they can talk to you like they're humans.
Refusing eye-contact? How about refusing a handshake! (h/t Broadway Carl)

Grandpa McSimpson is a racist motherfucker.

Fuck him and vote for That One.

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