Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Don't Feel Wright Today

No political posting today, although Clinton's nuclear option bullshit amid the ongoing Indiana and North Carolina primaries should be sufficient motivation.  But it isn't.  Besides, I feel like Hill-bot is going to have a strong enough showing today to keep scraping along like a B-horror flick monster in the final reel all the way to the convention.  I find myself having a visceral reaction to her continued presence in the race and I hate the people who support her.  Very little that is rational about it, it's just the way I feel.  

So, I choose to not blog about politics.  The day's just too darn nice.

Nope.  Not today.  The weather is almost beautiful enough to completely offset my being sad at the Mets losing last night.  But I also have stuff to do.  Busy, busy, busy.

Today, I post simply as a reminder to my vast reading public out there (all three of you!) that Mrs. Armadillo Joe will be on Law & Order: SVU tonight.  

Tune in and don't miss it!

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