Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished, Part Five

2 Points of Business:

ONE: Today is May Day. I will overcome my usual aversion to things red (strangely arising only in the last seven years or so) to celebrate in the traditional color of Labor and The Left. I am a union man and many people fought and died for me to have the living standard I enjoy, even if it has been and continues to be under attack. If the Rethugli-bots had their way, I'd be working for a couple hundred a week (paid in a steeply weakened currency, too, BTW), before taxes, and have no benefits whatsoever. In other words, I'd be working off-Broadway. Been there, done that. I like it here much, much better.

TWO: Today is also the five year anniversary of Mission Accomplished. This text is also in red to symbolize the blood on the hands of George W. Bush and Richard "The Big Dick" Cheney. It is to the Democrat's everlasting shame that they didn't hang that fucking banner around his neck and re-run that fucking picture of Kommander Kod-piece over and over and over again. A failure of nerve, I say. The man is a buffoon, an embarrassment and an utter, complete, epic failure. The saddest part of the whole bloody mess is that he is too fucking stupid to have sufficient inner life to undergo any personal examination that may result in some degree of personal anguish. He will return to Crawford to clear brush all goddamned day, secure in the knowledge that he did right and good, when he should be in an orange jumpsuit in The Hague on trial for war crimes (along with a raft of other people: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc...). Anything less than the whole lot of them imprisoned for life - perhaps in a place not unlike Gitmo - for crimes against humanity at the VERY least is a moral failure on the part of the American people. With two stolen elections and no public outcry to go on, I'm fully prepared to be disappointed.

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