Wednesday, May 14, 2008

West Virginia is for Yokels

Not unexpected, but the Hill-bot steamrolled through West Virginia. As of this post, she won with 93% of precincts reporting by 66.9% to 25.8%.

Frankly, her "victory" is sickening for a great many reasons, not the least of which was having to hear her fingers-on-a-chalkboard voice claim 2, 209 delegates to clinch - which is the goalpost-moving number her campaign has been peddling because it includes the otherwise uncontested but nevertheless completely disqualified Florida and Michigan delegations. The greater reason is the on-the-ground ugliness behind the lop-sided numbers. She won because the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a (whispering now) nig-ra.

To which I say to the good people of West Virginia (except for you John Cole, because you rock!):
Fuck You.

You deserve to stay stuck in the 19th Century. Besides, we all know you're going vote en masse for Johm McSame in the fall anyway, so we don't really need your vote. It's shit like tonight that makes the rest of the country (especially all us coastal elites) take such glee in depicting you like this:

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