Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sports Notes

OK, still working on the next Peak Oil post, but the Mets take the first game 7-4. Boo-YA!

And I don't really watch horse racing, but I was in the room when they ran the 133rd Preakness this afternoon and, boy howdy, it was actually very exciting to see Big Brown - who just won the Kentucky Derby - two or three back, then steadily outpace all his competitors around the final bend, finishing with about half a mile of daylight between him and Macho Again, who placed.
And all the while, he hardly broke a sweat. By the end of it, that horse looked like he could go another lap or two.

I admire horse racing even if I don't fully understand or appreciate it, sort of like opera. Sometimes, the majesty - the pomp and circumstance surrounding the celebration of the sheer physical prowess of the participants - I find deeply moving in an abstract, elemental, visceral way.

On to Belmont!

Photo via New York Times & Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

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