Monday, March 10, 2008

Bye-Bye, Bowtie

Well, shit.  That's teh awesome!

Tucker "I'm a Smarmy Little Fuck Who Compensates For His Lack of College Education By Acting Like A Complete Prick To Anyone Who Seems Smarter" Carlson is being edged out at MSNBC.


Completing a downward spiral that began in 2004 when Jon Stewart single-handedly put an end to his gig at "Crossfire," Carlson's show is being cancelled, compensated only by vague promises of being kept on to add color commentary through the end of the election season, then presumably taken to the nearest toilet and flushed into the city's water supply. He should have been nicer to people when he had the chance, I suppose. But then, it was just so much more fun being a horse's ass.

I can just picture a homeless, drunken Carlson someday soon stumbling down the street with his bottle in a paper bag, mumbling curses at an invisible Jon Stewart.

He will be replaced by David "During The Day I Pretend To Be Edward R. Murrow In Front Of The Cameras At Press Conferences While At Night I Have No Qualms About Cutting The Rug With Karl 'Sith Lord' Rove In A Tux" Gregory is rewarded for his fealty to the powers-that-be with his own show.

Remember this?

Ahh, good times. Good times.

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