Thursday, March 27, 2008

Religion is Stupid

Especially in Wisconsin.

I can't say why, but for some reason the same sane, reasonable Nordic stock of the great state of Wisconsin - the very same people who reliably send Russ Feingold back to the Senate every six years - has produced the two religious-themed stories I read today (completely independent of each other, mind you) that have spurred this post. Of course, these same people unleashed Joe McCarthy on the world, but unlike the numb-nuts in North Carolina who continually inflicted the rest of us in America with the odious Jesse Helms (or Oklahoma & James Inhofe or Mississippi & Trent Lott or South Carolina & Strom Thurmond... you see my point), McCarthy was never rewarded for his loathsome behavior. The next election cycle, he became unemployed and died of alcoholism shortly thereafter.

I'm getting off my point here. My point is that I didn't know that either of these stories were out of Wisconsin when I started this post, much less both of them, until I checked the dateline of each. Which made me wonder what the fuck is going on in the Great White North, land of beer, brats and bowlin' (ya, hey 'dere)

The first is yet another story about some judgmental fuck-head abusing the power of his position to impose his beliefs on some other helpless person. Abuse of power is at its worst when the person being abused is otherwise utterly powerless - which is why an abusive boss may be bad, but not the worst because you can always quit, while before a teacher or a cop or a judge the abusee has no choice but to submit.

And when you add the blockheaded, impenetrable irrationality of religion to the mix, this pharmacist is a worthless piece of slimy shit who isn't qualified to work as a shelf stocker on the midnight shift at a Wal-Mart Super Center. He's a devout Roman-Catholic working as a substitute pharmacist when a young woman sought to get her birth-control prescription filled. He "advised the woman of his objection to the use of contraception and refused to fill the prescription or tell her how or where she could get it refilled." Long story short, it grew into a court case and he just lost. Fucker. He deserved it.

Oh, and he's whining about it now being hard for him to get a job as a pharmacist. Good. Fucker. He deserves it. If he has objections to to use of legal prescriptions, then he shouldn't be working as a pharmacist because it isn't up to him to have an opinion about the service he's providing. Shut the fuck up and do your fucking job, or go do something else. Like apply for a job a Wal-Mart.


But then, this one is even worse. Also in Wisconsin, two parents allowed their child to die of diabetes, instead choosing to pray as their 11-year-old daughter died for want of insulin. She wasted away for a month, eventually dying of diabetic ketoacidosis - a horrible way to go involving vomiting, blindness, extreme thirst and weight loss, coma and (finally) death. It is easily treatable with over-the-counter insulin.

They are fucking stupid and fucking deserve to fucking go to fucking jail.


God damn Religion is Stupid.

H.L. Mencken:
Mencken's Creed

I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind - that its modest and greatly overestimated services on the ethical side have been more than overcome by the damage it has done to clear and honest thinking.

I believe that no discovery of fact, however trivial, can be wholly useless to the race, and that no trumpeting of falsehood, however virtuous in intent, can be anything but vicious.

I believe that all government is evil, in that all government must necessarily make war upon liberty...

I believe that the evidence for immortality is no better than the evidence of witches, and deserves no more respect.

I believe in the complete freedom of thought and speech...

I believe in the capacity of man to conquer his world, and to find out what it is made of, and how it is run.

I believe in the reality of progress.

I - But the whole thing, after all, may be put very simply.

I believe that it is better to tell the truth than to lie. I believe that it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe that it is better to know than be ignorant

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