Friday, March 7, 2008

Perpetually Offended

So, I wasn't terribly bothered by this, and it seems to me neither are any of my friends because we all work in and around Times Square, within a few short blocks of the recruiting station, but (like a miniature 9/11) the people most bothered by the explosion live in the hinterlands and otherwise have nothing but contempt for New York City. The wannbe John Waynes in the Gathering of Eagles will swoop in to save us from the ter-ists this Saturday, thank the FSM.

I feel safer already.

Someone who may have just been off his meds — happens a lot in New York — tosses a small, improvised incendiary device into an Army Recruiting Center in Times Square in the middle of the night. So now the Gathering of Eagles — the same geniuses who rallied to protect the Vietnam Memorial from an imaginary threat last year — are going to rally in Times Square this Saturday to take a stand against domestic terrorism and anarchy.

No one was injured in the Times Square incident, and such vandalism doesn’t seem to be part of a trend here in NYC. However, in the past several months a number of innocent people around the country have lost their lives in mass shootings on campuses and in shopping malls. If they’re so fired-up against anarchy and violence, why aren’t the beagles lathered about that?
So, this Saturday these professional victims will gather at the recruiting station in the middle of Times Square and protest this dis-ing of the troops. The weather will not cooperate with them, unfortunately. It seems the Flying Spaghetti Monster isn't so much on their side on this issue.

As the preznit would say: Heh-heh. Pack a raincoat, you brave, brave souls. Maybe while you're there standing up for the troops you can go ahead and sign up to go to Iraq and help out the people you claim to honor.

Just a suggestion.

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