Thursday, March 6, 2008

So, as part of my move here to Blogger, I have become able to add artwork.  You'll note on the right-hand side that I have added an Obama '08 logo and something from the FSM.

Well, Obama has been added because it look like this Clinton-Obama thing is going to drag on for a while and though Barack may not be my first and most ideal choice, I can't get away from the idea about Hillary that she represents the Establishment, the old way of doing things and I am having a really hard time forgiving her for her votes on Iraq, the bankruptcy bill and the like.  It isn't even that she has failed up to now to adequately disavow those votes but what those votes actually meant at the time insofar as having the ability to see through the fog of uncertainty created by Rethugli-bot lies and make the right decision.  As Atrios pointed out recently:
Whatever one thinks about Obama generally, this notion that opposing the Iraq war back when it was the most awesome war ever wasn't a big deal really pisses me off. It was a big deal, and I'm tired of the few courageous people such as Bob Graham who did oppose it getting written out of the script. Those were crazy days, and the "crazies" who stepped way out on that limb to yell "stop" deserve our praise and admiration for it.

The entire anti-war movement hasn't just been marginalized, it's been largely erased from our political narrative. It existed. It marched. It gave speeches. And some even cast their votes in Congress.
So, enough with the "we all thought Iraq had WMD" bullshit because no we didn't.  Hillary can hide behind that comfortable lie all she wants, but the truth is that she was going along to get along and she should be held to account for that.  Granted, if she is the Democratic candidate, I would vote for her, but I really, really hope she isn't.   And, BTW, I don't think this extended primary process is a bad thing because (as Digby pointed out and Walter Shapiro points out today at, this keeps the Rethugs out of the news and with an uncertain target, delaying the retooling time on their Swiftboating machines. 

And in this fight I back Barack Hussein Obama.  And because this primary fight now looks like it will go all the way to Pennsylvania on April 22, I can now have some impact.  I have volunteered for his campaign because I can drive to PA in about an hour and a half.

Obama '08!

As far as the FSM, you will find it clarified at the link to the right or in this image:

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