Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clearing The Decks

Haven't had time to post a whole bunch the last few days.  I'm also rather tired.  Daylight savings cut into an already foreshortened night Saturday into Sunday morning.  I spent Sunday night (after two shows) polishing up paperwork for a new show, which has me working during the day.  Yesterday, while we were working, a fire destroyed the apartment of one of my friends and co-workers and I helped him clean up last night.  It was bad.  He loved his cats.  He had ten of them, two are now dead and three are badly burned at the vet's.  The last dead cat was found right before I left, so even as the place was looking better (and - by "better" - I mean looking less like the inside of a piece of charcoal) and our spirits were improving slightly, the hope of there only being one casualty evaporated. I rode home on the subway depressed, damp, muddy, covered in soot and smelling like a chimney.  I didn't sleep well last night and awoke with a splitting headache.  

But that's my personal story.  On to politics. So much has happened.  Obama wins in Mississippi.  Cool.  No doubt Clinton is still conniving about how to fuck up the whole process.

And about that whole Eliot "Ness" Spitzer and the hookers thing?  Whatever.  He's probably guilty and if he is then fuck him.  And, on this topic, Izzy has a teh awesome post today that offers a fantastic way to handle the legalization of something that shouldn't be against the law in the first place.

But as for Spitzer I think someone called in a political hit.  The clock is running out on the Rethugli-bots and they know it and they're scared.  Let's face it, unless they steal it (and they likely will), a Democratic president will bring in an army of the best and the brightest and all of them animated by a pent-up fury at being treated like diseased red-headed step-children for years or even decades by the sneering, sleazy and smugly self-righteous membership of the opposing party.  Spitzer was the odds-on favorite to be tapped for Attorney General and his record as a fearless, tireless crusader against the thieves and criminals on Wall Street means that the sleaze in the GOP would have had a great deal to worry about.  

All of this happened way too fast.  And it isn't even the incredible mess of detail that the press already seemed to have (insider tips?) but rather the not one but two spoof songs ("Love Client #9" & "Prostitutin' Spitz") I heard on the radio this morning that had lyrics and everything.  Way too fast, even in the Internet age.  I'm just saying this whole thing has a Rovian PR negative campaign roll-out feel to it.  I'm too tired to elaborate right now, but I will go into more detail soon.  Let me just say that I think the Spitzer sting boils down to the AG mess being not about who was fired for not following the orders of the dark masters of the GOP Star Chamber, but who kept their jobs.  Digby says it all much better than I can.

So, yeah, I think it was a hit and I bet Don Siegleman in Alabama would agree with me.


Anonymous said...

I like the new blog site better... it seems much...cleaner, or something. I can actually ready your posts easier. Nice job, as usual. Keep the faith. Go Obama.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting link you might like about Hillary losing.

Broadway Carl said...

Spitzer resigned today. Whether it was a political hit or not, he was guilty. Unfortunate.

But what's that old saying? "Lie down with hookers, you wake up crabs"... or something like that.