Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Big Dick

Richard "The Big Dick" Cheney doesn't care what you think (h/t to Mustang Bobby at Shakesville):

Thanks for taking impeachment off the table, Nance. What we need is people in the Congress to take the assholes down. Since they will be out of office (provided they don't suspend the elections and appoint themselves dictators for life), we have to demand justice. Demand it. They have been doing wrong for a long, long time. As Immortal Technique says in underground railroad freestyle:
the new world order was born on sept 11th
and just so conservatives dont take it to heart
i dont think bush did it
cuz he isnt that smart
hes just a stupid puppet taking orders on his cell phone
and the same people that sabotaged senator wellstone
Send people to Congress who will do what's right. Like Al Franken, who is running for Norm "I Vote With George W. Bush 86% Of The Time" Coleman's seat - you know, the one he got in a lucky break when Paul Wellstone died.

Power to the People, yaw'l.

P.S. Thanks to Broadway Carl for the Darth Cheney pic.

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